The 3 WORST đŸ˜±and BEST Core Exercises for Dancers.
July 19, 2019
In the world of fitness most core exercises are created equal. If you’ve hung out with me enough you know that dancers are a special type of athlete which means their fitness needs should be carefully crafted for their goals of strength, fluidity, endurance, power and grace. Core exercises are a staple in most warm […]
3 Stretches for Tight Hips
July 08, 2019
If I had a dollar for every message or email I get about hips, I’d have an even more obnoxious collection of Converse than I already do.  These days hips seem to be acting up, rebelling against us and asserting their need to stay locked, turned in and tight, tight, tight. No worries though! I have […]
Nail Your Dance Audition in 5 Steps!
May 24, 2019
I hate auditions. With a passion. I get nervous, insecure and afraid of embarrassing myself in front of important people. In fact, I chickened out of auditioning for my international open dance team, lied about why I couldn’t audition and somehow still made it on the team. I’m pretty sure I sent in a video, which […]
5 Reasons Your Dancers Need Off Season Training
May 18, 2019
When I was dancing in high school, things were different. No social media, no contouring, no CardiB.We also didn’t have any off season training. Our off season consisted of a few captain’s practices watching kick boxing DVD’s and running on the track. Come audition time and no one was stronger or more fit and you […]
The Best Pre and Post Competition Nutrition for Dancers
May 18, 2019
A day or weekend of competition is mentally and physically exhausting for dancers, but they can prepare their body days, weeks and even months before competition to improve their strength, balance, performance, endurance, recovery and injury prevention. Healthy Eating for Athletes and Dancers Dancers are athletes and their training begins months before they step on the […]
Increase Your Flexibility With These 4 Stretches
May 18, 2019
Flexibility is a fundamental skill for dancers and athletes. The ability to move your body freely will make the execution of skills and exercise much easier. Many dancers struggle with flexibility in their hamstrings and hips, but what they don’t know is that tightness in their hamstrings is directly related to a tight back and tight […]
3 Things Dancers Should Never Do While Stretching
May 18, 2019
You probably have a stretching routine that you’ve been doing for months or even years. Usually the routine starts standing, folding over your legs for a hamstring stretch, spending some time in a runners lunge, and of course a straddle stretch that slides right into the splits. From studios to dance teams, stretching usually looks […]
Increase Dancer Hip Flexibility and Strength with These 5 Moves
May 18, 2019
I get asked a lot as a personal trainer for dancers about hip flexibility and strength. It seems to be an area of concern for coaches and dancers striving for flat splits, high kicks and extended leaps. The biggest issue however isn’t really a lack of flexibility, but a lack of movement in our every […]
Increase Dancer’s Ankle Strength and Balance with These Three Moves
May 18, 2019
So many dancers and teachers focus on core strength when it comes to turns, balance and stability, but not much attention is paid to the ankles until dancers start pointe or have an injury. Increasing ankle strength is essential when a dancer keeps dropping their heel, hopping in their turns or have a low relevĂ©. The health of […]
Eat This, Not That!
May 17, 2019
The day of competition is one of nerves, excitement, and so. much. hairspray. Throughout the chaos of running your dances, stretching, warming up and doing your makeup, it can be hard to remember to eat. When you do remember, it’s usually something quick, high in carbs and high in sugar. When you take the time […]
5 Best Exercises to Increase Jump Height/Power
April 25, 2019
As athletes, dancers have the ability to focus their strength and power in many different ways. Being aware of which muscles will be best for a variety of skills will help build strength and level of skill, beyond just technique. To increase jump height and power, dancers must activate their gluteus muscles, or butt muscles, […]